Print PDFs using a Barcode Scanner

Step 1 - Put your files inside a folder

Put all your PDF files inside a folder and name each file with a number (or text) that matches the content of your printed barcodes folder

Step 2 - Set the path in Barcode2PDF

Open Barcode2PDF, click on the "Select" and open the folder where you put your PDF files folder

Step 3 - Enable the Auto-print option

Click the "Settings" button and enable the "Automatically print documents" option folder

Step 4 - Scan a barcode

When scanning a barcode its value will be used to open the corresponding PDF file and print it

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How to scan barcodes?

You can use any barcode scanner that can be connected to your computer using a USB cable or Bluetooth.
Alternatively, you can use your smartphone as a barcode scanner using the Barcode to PC app.