Open PDF files with a barcode scan folder icon

Stop wasting time with your mouse and keyboard

Is this how you open files?


Mouse & keyboard are not always the best option.

Here is why:

It's slow
Gloves make it harder
Prone to errors

How it works

Step 01

Select the folder

Set the folder path containing your PDFs

Step 02

Set the {{ barcode }} placeholder

The barcode value will be automatically replaced in the file path.

C:\MyFolder\{{ barcode }}.pdf C:\MyFolder\123456789.pdf

Yes, you can use it also a folder name, file name prefix, suffix, etc.

Step 03

Scan a barcode

Connect your USB or Bluetooth scanner to the computer
Configure it so that sends the ENTER key


Live demo

Here is how much you can save

save time

Ready to increase your efficiency?

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