Open PDF files with a barcode scan folder icon

Stop wasting time with your mouse and keyboard

Is this how you open files?


Mouse & keyboard are not always the best option.

Here is why:

It's slow
Gloves make it harder
Prone to errors

How it works

Step 01

Install the program

It is designed to work with Windows, macOS & Linux.

Step 02

Select the file path

Set the folder path containing your PDFs

Step 03

Set the {{ barcode }} placeholder

The barcode value will be automatically replaced in the file path.

C:\MyFolder\{{ barcode }}.pdf C:\MyFolder\123456789.pdf

Yes, you can use it also a folder name, file name prefix, suffix, etc.

Step 04

Scan a barcode

Connect your USB or Bluetooth scanner to the computer
Configure it so that sends the ENTER key


Not sure yet?

Typing a 10-digit barcode takes 20 seconds.

If you scan 200 barcodes / day

you can save

hour / day
hours / month
hours / year

Ready to increase your efficiency?

Download Barcode2PDF now